“Tales of Wisdom” with Associate Instructor Susanna

Zoom Meeting

Susanna begins a new series called "Tales of Wisdom".  In a combination of story-telling, mindfulness practice, and instruction, Susanna will unpack stories from Buddhist history and the great masters to reveal their teachings. She'll incorporate her own experiences to provide a valuable hour of mindfulness and wisdom for us.

Breakthrough Pain & Discomfort with Associate Instructor Rhonda

Zoom Meeting

Rhonda will discuss physical pain, and how we can improve our relationship with it using mindfulness and a better perception. She will also lead us in a gentle body and sensation awareness meditation, putting us on track to improve our physical and mental well-being.

10 Tips for an Easy Life with Head Teacher Jess

Zoom Meeting

Jess is taking time out of his not busy schedule to share some of his simple secrets to a life of ease.  He has put together some wise suggestions that will be helpful for everyone; not just for mindfulness practitioners. Jess usually teaches only the most profound purposes of mindfulness that not everyone can yet […]

Metta Meditation with Vice-Chair Salima Pirani

Zoom Meeting

Metta (Loving-Kindness, Universal Love) is one of the most sublime states available to humankind. It starts with self love and care, and ends with indiscriminate kindness in all directions, for all beings. Let's work on it together, one step at a time for our own good, and the good of everyone we encounter.

Natural Truth (Dhamma) with Ajahn Song in Thailand

A rare chance to learn with one of the great young masters in Thailand, Ajahn Song.  Upon his deep realizations as a Buddhism monk, he was asked by Luangpor Pramote to become a teacher and share his learnings with the world.  On this Sunday, it will be his second time sharing his understanding with The […]