Our Mission and Vision

To provide an accessible platform for the tradition of mindfulness for wisdom in Canada through education, mentorship, and community engagement; and to grow understanding of the practice of reducing suffering through insight.


Our Values

Morality. Our community values the lives of all sentient beings. We are committed to being ethical, non-violent and to doing no harm to ourselves and to others.

Diversity. We value the voices of people from all walks of life. We believe that mindfulness is a valuable quality that can be cultivated in everyone’s daily life. We welcome anyone who has the interest and courage to know themselves more deeply.

Authenticity. We aim to share practices that bring about genuine personal and social transformation.

Equanimity. Our community shares a particular mindfulness practice that cultivates insight into the nature of all phenomena, namely, that they are impermanent, cannot persist and are not under control. Such insight is crucial in helping us face any life challenge with a nonjudgmental attitude.

Compassion. We aspire to nurture loving-kindness, compassion, empathy, and joy among ourselves, others, and nature.

Selflessness. We aspire to cultivate self-awareness, to overcome violence, greed, and ignorance, and to help others be lighter, brighter, happier and experience less personal suffering.

Continual Inner Work. We are always looking to learn and grow, developing and improving the quality of our minds and hearts. We can only progress when we practice goodness each day and have the humility to keep learning.

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